Glass Hour is a pop-rock band from Montreal. With a generous incorporation of piano combined with a signature guitar sound, their music ranges from massive arena rockers to intimate soul-warmers. Their debut album - entitled Minute Hand - released on August 18th, 2017. 

Prior to Glass Hour, singer, pianist and guitarist Keegan Boulineau wrote music and performed as a solo artist for over 10 years, gaining over 4000 subscribers and 280,000 video views on YouTube. The band was born after Keegan began writing an abundance of music following the closure of a long-term relationship. Meeting in 2015 at McGill University in Montreal, the band soon released their first single, Quiet Road. The debut single combined folk and piano-pop-rock elements and was released to high praise from new fans. Their second single, Back to the Ocean – an upbeat piano ballad featuring a luscious string arrangement – was released in summer 2016 to high acclaim from listeners, and remains a fan favourite in live performances.   

Glass Hour’s third single and album title track, Minute Hand, was released on July 4th 2017 along with a live performance 360º video on Facebook and YouTube. Burn, the fourth and final pre-album single was released on July 28th 2017, followed by the album Minute Hand on August 18th 2017.

Glass Hour is: Keegan Boulineau, Joey Reda, Evan MacDonald, Caleb Smith, Will Bennett