Elegant production and crystal clear vocals present the album in an incredibly infectious light. [...] Relatable and spellbinding, Minute Hand is an album worth repeating.”

Katrina Wong Shue (Live in Limbo)

[...] Glass Hour leave you with a smile and full of hope, the album is essential listening!”





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Artist Statement

We are pleased to share our new single “Burn” and debut album "Minute Hand". Burn takes a slight departure from our familiar piano and guitar tracks and incorporates electronic elements to make an upbeat, catchy tune. It speaks of abrupt silence, unfamiliar territories and the uncertainty of allowing someone to slowly fade from memory. 

Our debut album Minute Hand released on August 18 2017. The songs in this album deal with the stages of heartbreak – it is an illustration of love, heartbreak and recovery. Singer, pianist and guitarist Keegan Boulineau spent a year post-relationship writing and playing an endless amount of music in pursuance of escaping reality. Thus, Glass Hour was born, and recording took place over the following year. With all of the lyrics inspired by his ex-relationship, the album is packed with a mix of songs from pop-rock anthems (Burn, Minute Hand, Far Too Long) to heart-wrenching ballads (Back to the Ocean, Tenth Story Window). 

It was fully written, produced, recorded and mixed by Keegan Boulineau. Additional production and writing by Joey Reda.


Label: Self-released

Genre: Pop-rock

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Influences: Coldplay, OneRepublic, The Script, The Fray

Similar artists: Death Cab for Cutie, Snow Patrol, Hedley, Keane